VM-Coach - Promotes conditions for successful leadership.

The VM philosophy as a concept has been gaining ground lately. We offer an increasing number of programs, and the demand seems to be unlimited. Regardless of what you do and where you are in your life.

We have taken another step forward, and proudly present VM-coach.
VM-coach is a program spread out over a 6-month period covering a wide range of educational formats. There will be lectures, group assignments, personal coaching and coaching tasks for the attendees to carry out at home. The group stays in touch during these six months, and the purpose of this is to create a network of coaches who can support and push each other to succeed in our harsh society.

Regardless of what kind of leader I am - boss, parent, teacher, coach, team, project or group manager - it is difficult to keep all team members pulling in the same direction while maintaining peak performance, and this is a necessity nowadays, in order to stay competitive.

We proudly present Bengt Wiström at the helm, together with his coworkers at VM-Bolaget AB, where they all live and breathe the VM Philosophy. Bengt has a solid foundation as a coach with over 17 Swedish championship gold medals to his name, and several years of experience helping both individuals and teams to reach their goals.

Over the last few years, the list of companies operating according to the VM philosophy has grown, and the result that these businesses can present speaks for itself. Bengt has coached several CEOs and sales managers over the years, and he understands the challenges and expectations.

While attending the VM-coach program, you get the chance to be coached by Bengt and/or his colleagues. You will gain fundamental knowledge and a deep understanding of the amazing tool that is coaching, properly used.


Bengt will share his experiences and give you ideas about what it takes to succeed, regardless of what you as an individual or a team have decided to achieve. The possibilities are endless if you have the will-power and the courage to believe in yourself and your team.

The purpose is to promote the conditions required to succeed in today's challenging and competence-driven climate. The program is a strong alternative to other management programs on the market because it focuses on how our society works today and in the future.

Program duration

6 full days. See schedule below for exact dates.


08:30 - 17:00




Your reservation is personal and can not be assigned to anybody else while VM-Coach is in progress. If you fail to attend any of the six days, your seat will be cancelled, because the format of the program requires all participants to attend for the full duration. Prior to the first day of the program, your reservation can, if necessary, be handed over to another person. The total number of seats is limited!

Program fee: 28 500 SEK, excluding VAT. Includes literature, materials, VM-coach book and meals.
We offer a 10% discount from the third seat on, if you make three or more reservations.

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